The Right Tools for 21st Century Learning

5 min read - Written by Muriel De Bruyne on Nov 23, 2018 1:39:18 PM Theme Education

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The availability of computers, smartphones, tablets and internet has a lot of impact on society, but also on education in the 21st century. The use of technology in the classroom plays a crucial role in the professional development of both teachers and students. 


Today the world is looking for new skills: leadership, digital literacy, effective communication, problem solving, team working, creative thinking, critical thinking & global citizenship. We need new learning methods to teach our children these 21st century learning skills to help them be ready for the future. In practice it is often hard to realize, because you don’t only need new learning methods, but also good tools that support these skills. At i3-Technologies we offer teachers and students a great set of interactive learning tools that put these 21st century learning skills at your fingertips. 

Watch the video below to discover the right tools for 21st century learning.


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Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel is Marketing Coordinator at i3 Technologies, she loves writing with just that bit of tech savviness - but not as much as our Product Managers, the true geeks of i3.

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Join us at Bett 2019

Join us at Bett 2019

Visit i3-Technologies at Stand B80 to experiment with the latest technology, get inspired by real classroom stories and exchange experiences with your fellow school directors and teachers.