5 Ways Cloud Technology is Transforming Education

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Cloud technology is transforming education inside and outside the classroom, creating an environment where all students can have access to high-quality education and resources from anywhere in the world.

It opens up a world of new possibilities for students, especially those with nontraditional learning needs, such as older students never finishing high school getting their diploma in the cloud.

But cloud technology is having other effects as well, which could have a great impact on education. Here are 5 ways cloud technology is transforming education.


Increased flexibility for teachers

First of all, cloud technology helps tremendously in terms of empowering individuals to work remotely within an organization. This is great news for teachers, who can constantly update their curriculum or adapt their class lessons from anywhere, at any time. This is very important when it comes to overall adaptability for a class, to ensure that students get the complete and total education that they deserve.

Cloud technology not only allows teachers to upload and access material - but students, as well. This certainly encourages students who want to learn outside of the classroom, and allows them to move at their own pace with respect to their own education. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about specific lesson plans, graphs that were not understood within the classroom, slides, or infographics - cloud technology allows for data to be accessed easier and more conveniently than ever.

Solutions that grow with your school

Thanks to cloud technology, we no longer have to constantly worry about updating hardware and software to keep up with the times. The cloud allows for more storage, which saves both time and money for educational institutions all around the world.

We all know how technology can derail the momentum of a classroom, especially if there is a lack of storage. Instead of a school investing in more storage solutions, or a lesson slowing down because of a lack of storage - the cloud allows education to scale as much as possible when necessary. The world is becoming more information-driven, and cloud technology is an affordable solution that helps educational institutions store as much data as possible.

Improved data security

It’s also important to address the lack of data security when it comes to education. There are many schools that have suffered significant data breaches of all kinds, which leads to records being stolen or compromised. One of the most disturbing aspects of cyber attacks against schools is that they are actually on the rise, as well.

The good thing about cloud technology is that there are all sorts of authentication safeguards to ensure that the right people have access to academic material, and no one else. While cloud-based systems are not completely immune from cyber attacks, they are much better suited to handle them.

There are all sorts of cloud-based security solutions to help keep data safe, including cloud-based denial of service (DOS) protection, intrusion detection system technology, and more. This can help tremendously in terms of a school achieving its goals without material and personal information being compromised. There are also various backup and recovery options that are offered, as well.

No more expensive textbooks or hardware

Cloud technology not only helps schools become more efficient, but it also helps with their overall bottom line! There are many ways that schools can save money by utilizing cloud technology. First of all, there is probably the need to purchase less devices, since so much material will be stored on the cloud, in addition to students relying less on expensive textbooks, as well.

Cloud-based textbooks can also help lower-income students have access to educational tools and materials, as well. This is especially important considering the fact that textbooks have outpaced the cost of many other education fees.

There is also no need to rely as much on expensive hardware that needs to be updated, and thanks cloud technology, even the software is often subscription-based, which makes it much easier on the school’s bottom line.

In addition, schools can save in terms of workstation costs because employees can work more remotely thanks to cloud technology. This is one of the reasons that more schools are employing cloud-based solutions to their problems - because it is not only more efficient, but more cost-effective, as well.

Better collaboration between teachers and students

We all understand that students should be engaged with their material in order to truly learn, and cloud technology allows for the quickest and most convenient updates. It also allows teachers to communicate with their students easier than ever. This often leads to teachers adding notes and writing to students, who can then write back, and access all of this educational material outside of the classroom.

These days, collectively working on various documents is possible through the cloud, without one having to actually distribute the document itself.

This also allows for more innovative methods of teaching and learning, often referred to as “flipped learning”. Flipped learning is when students are able to learn outside of the classroom thanks to new technologies, and can help students engage with educational material on their own terms.

This also leads to a new personalized way of learning that might appeal to many students who might not learn as well in the classroom, and fosters a sense of curiosity and independent thinking that was not previously possible.

If you’d like to know more about moving to the cloud and what’s involved, then we can put you in touch with one of our valued partners to support you on your journey.

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