Bridge remote
and in-office

We’ve created complete solutions based on your needs, from rooms of different sizes to different collaboration styles. Our solutions for corporate go much further than conferencing and can be deployed in various situations and environments; from the boardroom to the breakout area or ideation workshops, empowering business leaders and staff to maximize their potential and let them be more successful.

Key takeaways:

  • How you can build your meeting room solution based on the setup and meeting style.
  • Which products best suit each meeting environment.
  • How i3-Technologies can help your office with its digital transformation.
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Meetings have evolved over the last few years thanks to technology and collaboration styles, as well as the meeting room itself.

There are many challenges to tackle when it comes to creating the ‘perfect’ meeting room and while technology plays a crucial role, it should also be a solution that is flexible enough to fit into the organization’s existing infrastructure.  

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