Digitally Genius School Episode 2:

Your guide to active learning in schools: practical approaches that work.

January 13th, 2022
11 am EST / 4 pm GMT / 5 pm CET

In our second session, our panel of experts with a firm grounding in the classroom will share approaches, activities, and ideas you’ll be able to take away and consider implementing regarding Active Learning within your setting. 

Brought to you by i3-Technologies and Intel.

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In this episode you will gain:

- A clear understanding of what Active Learning is, the research that underpins it, and ideas for embedding it within your classroom

- A clear understanding of the benefits that embedding Active Learning within your setting can bring

- Approaches that have been found to work at scale across whole school organizations

- Practical approaches to Active Learning that you can easily share with colleagues and your school community


Our Experts

Jon Smedley

Jon Smedley

Jon Smedley is an Educational Consultant and Managing Director of Teach Active. Jon has over 20 years experience within education, as a senior leader, a PrimaryAdvisor and PE consultant.


Mark Anderson

An award-winning former teacher and school leader, leading edtech consultant, keynote speaker, author, blogger, and digital strategy specialist. Founder of ICT Evangelist and co-founder of Global Edtech.


Anneke Verbeeck

A former teacher, Pedagogical IT Responsible, and specialist in transforming classrooms into Active Learning environments, Anneke has helped to develop i3LEARNHUB and iMO-LEARN whilst continuously helping to inspire teachers worldwide.

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Registering for Episode 2 enters you in a chance to win an Active Learning Starter Pack and a Teach Active License for you and your school.


Active Learning Starter Pack.

No More Boring Lessons.

iMO-LEARN is an active sitting cube designed to promote active movement in the classroom. It combines both analog & digital features to give students many opportunities to learn by moving. With its unique shape iMO-LEARN introduces an ergonomic way to sit in the classroom, and the flexibility to change the setup to support different learning styles.

By registering for Episode 2, you will be entered to win an Active Learning Starter Pack which includes:

- i3LEARNHUB 1 Year License 

- 4 iMO-LEARNs + Free Staff Training

- 4 Motion Detection Modules

- Stickers for the iMO-LEARNs to add another dimension of interactivity

- USB Dongle

Teach Active License & Training.

Maths & English.

Teach Active (formerly Maths of the Day) is an online resource tool, providing teachers with lesson plans and resources with which to deliver the Primary Maths and English curriculum through physical activity.

By registering for Episode 2, you will be entered to win:

- a Teach Active License for the remainder of the academic year: January – July (Value approx. £560)

-The entire school will get free online staff training on active learning and launching Teach Active in their school.


Who will benefit?

Teachers / Edtech coaches

Learn practical approaches to embedding active learning in the classroom that will benefit you and your learners.

Senior Leaders i/c edtech

Gain strategies from our experts in how active learning can be approached at a whole school level and the benefits it can bring.

School and District Leaders

Consider how active learning across your Trust or District could benefit all of your key stakeholders.


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