Digitally Genius School Episode 1:

How to make your digital ecosystem work for you in your school.

December 9th, 2021
11 am EST / 4 pm GMT / 5 pm CET

In the first episode of our Digitally Genius School Series, our panel of educational technology experts will walk you through the initial strategy, including what types of technology to consider for your classroom.

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DGS Ecosystem

In this episode you will learn:

- Strategies to help you frame your thinking for your digital ecosystem

- Robust approaches that work that you can deploy to your digital strategy

- An understanding of the key pillars to creating a successful digital ecosystem

- Get the chance to win a copy of Philippa’s ‘hot off the press book - The Digital Ecosystem!


Our Experts


Wolfgang Söldner

Teacher, edtech coordinator, and administrator with over 17 years of experience in international schools. Global nomad, traveler, and lifelong learner, always looking for ways to better myself.


Mark Anderson

An award-winning former teacher and school leader, leading edtech consultant, keynote speaker, author, blogger, and digital strategy specialist. Founder of ICT Evangelist and co-founder of Global Edtech.


Philippa Wraithmell

An Educator, wife, and a mum of two boys; she works for Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge as the Digital Learning Project Manager, overseeing Charter Schools and developing digital governance for ADEK.

Win The Digital Ecosystem Book!

We will be giving away 50 books to attendees in episode 1 so make sure to register for your chance to win!

Digital Ecosystem

The Digital Ecosystem: How to Create a Sustainable Digital Strategy for Your School

By: Philippa Wraithmell

The Digital Ecosystem will take you on a journey to develop your own sustainable digital strategy - one that is right for your school and yours alone, acknowledging that every school is different, just like every child.

Covering all elements in order to blend your school's core values and ethos with the reality of today's digital world, this book will take you through building your digital governance, tightening up on your safeguarding in our changing digital world, and supporting you to have the confidence to build on and develop your digital pedagogy and systems.

With insights from schools globally into all areas of the digital ecosystem, the book intends to inspire and allow you to develop your own digital vision.

Who will benefit?

Teachers / Edtech coaches

Learn practical approaches to using technology in the classroom that will benefit both your job of teaching and the learning of the young people you work with.

Senior Leaders i/c edtech

Gain strategies from our experts who have led award-winning deployments gained statuses such as “Apple Distinguished School” and “Apple Distinguished Educator”

School and District Leaders

Benchmark your approaches in your school against the strategies and approaches shared by our three experts.


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How to make your digital ecosystem work for you in your school.

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Step into the hybrid classroom. Platforms, hardware, setup.

Episode 4

Step into the hybrid classroom. Teacher's perspective.

Episode 5

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Episode 6

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