i3TRAINING helps the teacher create interactive, inspiring, and process-oriented lessons. The training goes beyond teaching technical skills as they capitalize on the vision of the school, the qualities of the teacher, and the curiosity of the students. The teacher gains access to tools to grab attention, prepare digital objects, visualize discussion topics, organize words and integrate games in their lessons.


Basic training

An introduction to the possibilities and functions of the hardware and a basic overview of the software. After this training, the teacher can handle the technical operations, which are necessary for using the hard- and software. Such training would take about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Didactic training

This training focuses on interactive functions in the software and allows teachers to use it even more effectively to create more process-oriented lessons. More advanced techniques will be practiced during this 'hands-on' training session. This will enable teachers to teach their students 21st-century learning skills (collaboration, technical literacy, creativity, critical thinking, effective communication).

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Flex training

A training that is fully aligned with the school’s wishes and that responds to the teachers’ needs. This could be subject-specific training, but this could also be advanced software training. This training will be based on different workshops that are related to the different user levels.

Train the trainer

During this training session, teachers will be prepared to train their peer teachers. They will get specific advice and presentation materials related to the training program. Teachers will be guided using a process-oriented training method. After this session teachers will be able to train peer teachers on the basic skills and the didactic approach. This way the school will become independent in the future when additional training is needed.
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