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Digitally Genius School Series.

Six-part Edtech Series.

Our series explores the many facets that technology can bring to a school to help them be as digitally effective as possible through the eyes of educational experts who have already been through it. The areas we covered, which of course is never exhaustive, covered some of the most important areas that schools could and should be exploring. 

Brought to you by i3-Technologies, Intel, and ICT Evangelist.

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intel and i3 and ICT

Digitally Genius School Series Access:

On this page you’ll find access to all of these sessions, key takeaways, and everything else in-between to act as a great starting point for you in developing your own, digitally genius school.

Who will benefit?

Educators seeking to further their knowledge and practice

Leaders with technology implementation responsibility

Leaders looking to embed best practice with technology

Using these resources you will gain:

- Ideas and actionable strategies to support technology implementation
- Evidence-informed teaching and learning strategies that support students and teachers
- A deeper understanding of the technologies that support inclusion and accessibility
- Real-life, concrete examples of what good looks like from some of the world’s prominent voices and leaders in education and in education technology
- Access to a carefully curated series of resources to share best practice


The Experts From the Series


Wolfgang Söldner

Head of Global Education at i3-Technologies

Cathy Lewin Headshot

Cathy Lewin

Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University

MicrosoftTeams-image (49)

Zoë Elder

Author of the brilliant ‘Full On Learning’

MicrosoftTeams-image (48)-1

Al Kingsley

Global Group CEO of NetSupport


Mark Anderson

Founder of ICT Evangelist and co-founder of Global Edtech.

Chris OMalley

Chris O'Malley

Director of Marketing, Worldwide Education and Collaboration Technologies, Internet of Things Group at Intel Corporation


Philippa Wraithmell

Digital Learning Project Manager at Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge


Anneke Verbeeck

Education Consultant at i3-Technologies

Jon Smedley

Jon Smedley

Educational Consultant and Managing Director of Teach Active

Patrick McGrath

Patrick McGrath

Head of Education Strategy at Texthelp for Education

Olly Lewis

Olly Lewis

Head of Science, British International School in Abu Dhabi

Sammy White

Sammy White

Teaching and Learning Specialist at Texthelp

David Morgan (2)

David Morgan

Former International School Principal

Chris OMalley

Chris OMalley

Director of Marketing, Worldwide Education and Collaboration Technologies, Internet of Things Group at Intel Corporation

Jeannie Anthony

Jeannie Anthony

Principal, JA Leadership Consulting and Former Director of Student Support Services, International School of Brussels

Lisa Conte 1

Dr. Lisa Conte

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Mark Onorato 1

Mark Onorato

Director of Instructional Technology and Data Administrator

Bukky headshot

Bukky Yusuf

Senior Leader at Edith Kay School, consultant and co-chair of the English DFE's Edtech Strategy Group

Isla Flood Heashot

Isla Flood

ESOL teacher, co-ordinator, teaching and learning coach

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Digitally Genius School Resources

Episode 1

How to make your digital ecosystem work for you in your school.

Episode 2

What’s Active Learning, why it’s important, and how to make it work for you and your school.

Episode 3

Step into the hybrid classroom. Platforms, hardware, setup.

Episode 4

Step into the hybrid classroom. Teacher's perspective.

Episode 5

How a digitally genius school can support learners with SEND.

Episode 6

Evidence-informed Strategies with Edtech that Work.

About i3-Technologies and Intel

We invent, create and manufacture interactive technologies that enable digital or hybrid learning environments. The i3TOUCH interactive displays enable teachers to bring digital content to students, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st-century learning skills.

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Intel delivers performance and intelligence optimized for exciting new use cases with interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays, like remote screen sharing and video analytics. With vision technology and deep learning capabilities in the classroom, educators can virtually take attendance, measure reactions and engagements, and learn how to improve learning. Intel’s built-in baseline suite of security capabilities makes it easier to implement a consistent security model that helps protect against a wide range of threats.

With broad connectivity support, Intel streamlines data sharing between devices and the cloud. And because Intel products are designed for high reliability and a long lifetime, you can count on support for years to come.

Interactive display + pluggable computer (Intel OPS) make a complete interactive solution for schools working in Windows environment.

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intel and i3 and ICT