How A Digital Flipchart Meets Changing Workplace Needs

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The world is more digital than ever, and the truth is that it wasn’t too long ago when collaboration took a different turn. Traditionally, a collaborative meeting involved a central figure using a projector, individuals watching and taking notes, transcribing them, then offering their own analysis and/or feedback. However, collaboration is now advanced. Organizations now have employees that work in a remote and flexible manner.

Meetings in the workplace are now done in a different manner. Changes have been made to meet the growing need for more advancement in the workplace. Meetings and collaborations are now done remotely without the need to see face to face or use a pen to take notes like before.

Recently, tools that cater to this new way of collaboration were developed, offering platforms where employees can congregate at a moment’s notice. Instead of workplaces, there are organizations all over the world that are focused more on “huddle spaces” to make sure that goals are being met. The wheeled mobile display of our digital flipchart, the i3SIXTY, fits in with this philosophy perfectly.



One of the great things about a digital flipchart is that it is perfect for overall brainstorming and collaboration. The i3SIXTY allows multiple participants to connect to the chart at the same time, and offer personal annotations and notes. This can save a tremendous amount of time with respect to both efficiency and time, so that employees can make sure that they are as productive as possible.

When it comes to sharing and collaboration, the digital flipchart makes work easy. Employees can can jot down ideas during a presentation without stopping their work on other pages. You can create a collection of ideas from multiple external sources either by browsing the internet or through an external device on the digital flipchart.

Meeting with remote workers is made easy and possible with the digital flipchart. They can make on-screen presentations and also make contributions when necessary.


Recently, many organizations have been implementing a BYOD (also known as Bring Your Own Device) policy for many reasons. It not only boosts productivity, but can also help save money that can be invested in hardware, software and other productive measures. Employees might also get a boost in morale considering their level of comfort with their own devices.

One of the reasons the i3SIXTY is gaining so much traction with both large and small businesses is because it offers a new productive and time-saving way to collaborate and share ideas. i3SIXTY promotes the BYOD culture, and can help your employees feel more autonomous when it comes to their goals and duties. Workers can link their devices to the screen wirelessly without any fuss or trouble.


Employees can contribute their input to the meeting by sharing their notes through email or scanning a QR code. This mode of sharing is instant and hassle-free. The digital flipchart allows employees to draw and write on it rather than simply present a presentation, or shuffle through notes to speak on a certain topic or issue. With the digital flipchart, multiple employees can write at the same time, if necessary. It is easy to see how this can help organizations be more agile in general.

New ways of working

After all, there are many companies that are focused on “agile management” – the idea that an organization should be as responsive and flexible as possible. In this manner, “daily stand ups” are encouraged more than long and laborious meetings. Digital flipcharts fit perfectly with the agile management style, as employees can stand around and annotate the flipchart as necessary.

The idea here is that more teams are autonomous than ever before, and digital flipcharts allow employees to be properly equipped for that. They can access a digital flipchart with their own technology, which allows them to have more direction and control over what they are saying and how they say it. An interesting side to the digital flipchart is that it doesn’t require an insane learning curve, where employees have to worry about what software and hardware is being used, or what technology needs to be utilized.

There is a good chance that your organization might need a i3SIXTY, you should try it out!

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Muriel De Bruyne

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