New interface for i3TOUCH E10R

Written by Muriel De Bruyne on Dec 7, 2018 2:28:38 PM

Today i3-Technologies is excited to announce an update of the interface of the new i3TOUCH E10r Series. We have given the interface a small update to make it easier and more intuitive for you to navigate to the core components, such as i3NOTES and i3ALLSYNC and to make it more customizable.

i3TOUCH E10Rev

Easy access to the core components

Start notetaking in the blink of an eye in the i3NOTES easy and instant whiteboarding software. Take notes with your finger or with the intelligent pens that support multi-colour writing for an intuitive writing experience. Save time and focus on your presentation, not the tools.

Kick start your presentation with the i3ALLSYNC mirroring app. Don't waste time hunting for the right cable, resolution or driver. Present your content wirelessly from any device and enjoy the ability to manage your presentation on the main screen. Up to 64 devices can view the mirroring session at the same time.



Highly customizable

You can customize the UI of the i3TOUCH so it fits the way that you work best. You can change the name of the inputs on the home screen to tailor them to each meeting or classroom. For example, you can rename HDMI 1 to “conference room computer” to take away all the confusion about which device is connected to which input.



Watch the full video:

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Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel is Marketing Coordinator at i3 Technologies, she loves writing with just that bit of tech savviness - but not as much as our Product Managers, the true geeks of i3.

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