The importance of body language in meetings

Written by Muriel De Bruyne on Dec 7, 2018 1:49:13 PM Theme Business, Video conferencing

Body language is a very important aspect of communication, especially in a meeting context. Whether you’re meeting with professionals face-to-face or remotely, body language can help you connect with them and build better relationships.


Don’t underestimate the impact

It’s often said that 93% of our daily communication is nonverbal. Whether those statistics are true or not, the value of body language is undeniable. Our nonverbal communication is just as important as our verbal communication and necessary to get our message across effectively.

Build better relationships

Many professionals underestimate the importance of body language in meetings. Body language is necessary to read other people's true feelings and intentions. It helps you connect with them and build better relationships. In a meeting context, it helps to see the reactions of the participants: a facial expression can reveal a point of view before a word is spoken.

Use a video camera

Body language becomes a challenge when meeting with remote colleagues. When participating only through audio, non-verbal communication gets lost. You need to turn on the video to convey what you really want to say and to maximize engagement. Through video you can create the same type of connection with your remote colleagues as if you worked right next to each other.

What about you?

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Muriel De Bruyne

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