We are listed as a Top 25 Collaboration Technology Company 2018

2 min read - Written by Muriel De Bruyne on Apr 3, 2018 9:39:10 AM

i3-Technologies has been named one of the Top 25 Collaboration Technology companies for 2018 by CIO Applications, an independent technology magazine that specializes in enterprise solutions.

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In an interview with CIO Applications, Gert Van Erum, CEO at i3-Technologies, explains how i3 has established itself successfully in the field of collaboration technology and shares his vision on the future of the market.


  1. Focus on simplicity
    "Appreciating the critical importance of user adoption, we ensure that our products are designed to be simple and intuitive."

  2. Anytime, anywhere, from any device
    "Following the philosophy of the tagline “Innovation inspired by you,” the main source of inspiration is our customers— and the innovation they demand to enable them to collaborate anytime, anywhere and from any device."

  3. Hardware & software go hand-in-hand
    "It is the unique combination of interactive, touch displays and collaborative software that makes this new level of multi-way, real-time collaboration possible."

Click on the cover below and scroll to page 40 - 41 to read the full article.

Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel is Marketing Coordinator at i3 Technologies, she loves writing with just that bit of tech savviness - but not as much as our Product Managers, the true geeks of i3.

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