Why every boardroom should be a Zoom Room

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The boardroom is not like it used to be. Today’s meetings have to take into account remote workers and those in satellite offices as well as distant customers. But how can you bring all these people together?

Zoom Rooms replace old video conferencing equipment that was often inadequate and cumbersome.

Virtual meetings over the cloud are the 21-century solution for a workforce on the go. And high-quality meetings using Zoom Rooms can make a very good impression on customers and prospects as well.

What’s a Zoom Room?

A Zoom Room is a software-based conferencing solution that uses off-the-shelf hardware with a Windows or Mac operating system.

Zoom Rooms can be used for high definition video and audio, whiteboard collaboration, and wireless sharing. Participants can interact with Zoom Room presentations whether in the room or at a distant location.

Everything about a Zoom Room is simple. The setup is easy, and users can navigate the interface without any special training. Anyone can take part in a Zoom Room meeting, and the software offers centralized management for scheduling and joining meetings.

The touch screen interface allows for quick handwriting and annotation for everyone to see.

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What are the benefits of Zoom Rooms?

Of course, the greatest benefit of a Zoom Room is the way that you can reduce travel and operational costs by allowing for remote login. Using HD video and audio, it can almost feel like the remote employee or customer is actually there in the boardroom.

And you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere, in a Zoom Room meeting.

As a software-based solution, Zoom Rooms are not dependent on proprietary equipment or hard-to-install hardware. There’s no need to purchase systems made by Zoom or any specific vendor. Zoom Rooms use Windows or Mac based equipment with Zoom software installed.

No more fussing with dedicated hardware that can make meetings frustrating and leave a bad impression with customers and prospects.

Zoom Rooms come with amazing quality and reliability. They can make internal meetings easier and help boost sales with potential clients.

How to set up your Zoom Room

There are just a few components required for a simple Zoom Room. Along with a big screen display device, you just need a computer, a conference room camera, a speaker, a mic, and a touch controller. You may want to have a speaker with a built-in microphone.

Some companies may opt for special video conferencing equipment that combines some of these functions. How you accomplish this is up to you.

Big Screen

Most conference rooms already have some kind of a display screen installed. If you need to purchase one, keep in mind that it doesn’t need all the features that home TV systems do.

Be sure to get a display device with the high resolution and video quality that you would expect in a professional environment. An LED display is recommended. Additional options and features are a matter of preference.


There are so many ways that you could set up a simple computer nowadays, it would be superfluous to try to cover them all. You could easily use an available workstation, Mac Mini, or cheap laptop to handle this task. You will only need a keyboard for this machine during setup.

After that, everything can be handled from a touchpad device. Connect the computer to the display device in the normal way.

iPad or Tablet

The only requirement here is a touchscreen device. It will serve as a remote control for your Zoom Room. You will need to configure a wireless connection from your device to the computer so that you can access the Zoom software.

Mic, Camera, and Speaker

These are all connected to your computer as input and output devices. A separate microphone won’t be required if you have one built into your camera or speaker.

You can actually buy one device that handles all three of these functions.

Zoom Room Subscription

With your physical environment in place, you will just need to sign up for a subscription plan to the Zoom Room. You can even get a 30-day free trial.

Get started

A Zoom Room is another example of the trend toward software-based computing solutions. It depends on cloud technology to create a virtual meeting environment to connect companies to both employees and customers.

The modern workforce is always on the move, and it’s not always possible to be physically present for a meeting. A Zoom Room is the next best thing to being there, and it meets all the requirements for effective virtual conferencing in today’s business environment.

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