Why Screen Sharing is a Powerful Sales Tool

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For an organization to thrive, its sales and marketing departments must be reliable and effective. They are responsible for making sales, getting new customers, retaining the old ones, and growing the business, ultimately.

In the process of going about their duties, they get to interact with prospective customers and promote your products. The traditional means of conversing with prospects and client is to have physical meetings or talk over the phone. Over time, however, a survey has discovered that prospects dislike sales reps talk over the phone, and 80% of them hang up even before they hear the pitch you have for them.

With an advance in technology and the ‘busy’ culture around, a sales pitch that takes place on a prospect’s screen has a much higher chance of leading to a sale. This is primarily due to you being able to read the prospect’s response as it comes, and change the ambiance accordingly to suit your pitch.

Here are four other reasons why screen sharing is a powerful sales tool for you.

screen sharing

Seeing is believing

You want to be able to take your product or service to someone and compel them in the best possible way to buy or invest in them. Most of the time, people want to be able to see what they're spending their money for before deciding if they’d do it or not. It is easier for people to believe something they see than what they can only hear about.

A survey shows that 65% of people are visual learners, which means that seeing something helps them retain more information about it, than just hearing about it.

Besides, there’s a high chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding (whether you're an excellent communicator or not) when you’re trying to describe the features or benefits of a product to another person, especially when it’s a product they aren’t used to.

Screen sharing helps to avoid any misunderstanding regarding what your products can help your customers achieve or not. Prospects can precisely see how the product or service is designed to provide value to them.

Higher close rates

In the first place, the aim of giving a sales presentation is to close the deal and gain a customer. A sales pitch happening on a potential client’s screen has a higher chance of gaining and retaining his attention than an email or phone conversation.

Gaining a prospect's attention on a screen sharing tool gives you a higher chance of closing a sale than any other communication mode. It allows prospects to ask questions, have the products tested if they want, and have their questions answered immediately. You’re able to walk possible clients through both how to operate the products and how to get the most out of the service being provided.

Lastly, a more personal and positive experience is created between the parties, which increases the chances of closing a sale. Being successful with a presentation will improve your overall closing rate.

More effective communication

As a result of the visual presentation of your products or services, you're able to make effective communication with your client which increases your chances of sales. This it turn spurs your closing sales if you're able to make many sales with your presentation.

When you're able to guide a prospect visually, you're able to convey ideas precisely the way you want it before their eyes (instead of trying to describe it with words they might not resonate with).

In the case that a client isn’t interested in the particular product you have presented to him, but is impressed by it, it’s easier for him to ask to see your other products which may lead to another sale you did not envisage.

You’re able to take control of a situation better when you're speaking and presenting than when you're doing it in writing. The chances of this happening via a phone call, email, or even physical communication are very slim.

Also, screen sharing tools can be useful in helping customers complete forms, tailor products, and finish up other detail-oriented tasks (which don’t always relate to IT) that helps your entire customer service department.

Excellent customer service

Screen sharing tools are customer-focused. Because you’re going to take your time to describe and show how your product is going to benefit them, they have a true understanding of what you’re offering. Screen sharing demo feature allows individualizing information for each client and will enable you to present your product in the best way possible, rather than you just reading a pitch out to them.

Screen sharing makes your customer relationships more accessible and helps you stand out in your industry. Having a personal relationship with your client helps you serve them well and increase their customer experience.

Furthermore, customer experience is improved because it reduces possible follow-up support calls after closing the sale. Using screen sharing tools allows prospective clients to ask questions and address any uncertainty they might have. This will help them save time and energy when they are using the products in the future.

Screen sharing can also make you relevant in the global marketplace when you have a lot of clients. Lastly, it is overly convenient for anyone because prospects don’t have to leave their place of work or even travel. Neither do you.

A prospective client may be far away from where an organization’s representative is, or the executives of your prospective client organization may be scattered all over the world when you have to pitch to them all at the same time.

Technology has made it easier today for these kinds of cross-communication to be possible. It is not only cost-effective, but it also saves time for both parties and aids quicker decision making. It allows for collaboration amongst the sales and marketing departments. It also helps in putting out the best products in front of your customers. Screen sharing tools are potent and are a must-have for every sales departments or organization to thrive. Click here to see i3-Technologies' screen sharing tools.

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Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel De Bruyne

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