Bring Augmented Reality to Your Classroom

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Augmented reality is a hot topic in education today. Some might think it is just another trend that offers limited value in the classroom. However, quite the opposite is true. There are plenty of AR products in the market today that have high educational value.


The benefits of using AR in education

AR enables teachers to bring the real world into the classroom and let students interact with the world from the comfort of their own chair. It enables them to experience learning at a whole new level: instead of listening to lectures, they are interacting with a virtual environment full of new things to learn. This way they are fully immersed in the subject, which increases their understanding and ensures that they learn information faster. 

How to use AR in the classroom?

Visualize STEM content

The best way to use AR in the classroom is to enrich existing and new lesson plans. For example, when it comes to teaching complex STEM concepts, such as human anatomy or algebra, nothing is as immersive as AR. Human anatomy is often difficult for students to grasp because it looks very abstract on paper. With AR you can visualize every part of the human body and turn it into an immersive learning experience:

Example AR

Immersive STEM visualizations, like those offered by Lifeliqemake it easier for students to understand complex, abstract concepts and engage them in learning. It offers curriculum-aligned lesson plans enhanced with over 1,000 interactive, 3D models. Teachers can use those pre-made 3D models, customize them to fit their needs or create brand new ones.

Did you know Lifeliqe content is available in our easy, cloud-based learning platform i3LEARNHUB?


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When connecting a webcam, the augmented reality brings a new dimension into the classroom. Children get a better experience and are able to explore and understand the subject better than ever:



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