Connecting Movement to Learning in the Classroom

Written by Muriel De Bruyne on Jan 18, 2019 2:35:32 PM Theme Education, Engagement, Active learning

Sitting is no longer the standard

Sitting still used to be the mantra of every classroom. But that is changing as studies reveal that introducing movement activities helps students stay more focused and attentive in class. Movement is a powerful teaching tool that stimulates the brain and helps students become better learners. It also gives them a chance to release excessive energy and stress, which makes them less fidgety and more focused on learning. With this in mind, teachers are increasingly trying to make physical activity an important part of their lesson plans.


How do you effectively integrate movement in your classroom?

Technology tends to make our students very lazy, so it is important to let them move from time to time. However, inviting your students to move around might feel like inviting chaos into the classroom. The key is to set clear objectives for all of your activities. Try to find activities that not only focus on pure physical movement, but that combine movement and lesson content. They are a great way to increase engagement in the lesson materials and integrate movement without undermining the classroom flow.

No need to start from scratch

There are many types of activities that you can bring into your classroom to actively engage your students in various learning domains. Using tools and resources like iMO-LEARN will make it even easier for you!

iMO-LEARN is an active sitting cube specifically designed to promote active movement in the classroom. It combines both analog & digital features to give students many opportunities to learn by moving. iMO-LEARN is available with an activity manual that contains 100 analogue activities in various learning domains, as well as a set of 40 building constructions to help students practice teamwork and spatial orientation.

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Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel De Bruyne

Muriel is Marketing Coordinator at i3 Technologies, she loves writing with just that bit of tech savviness - but not as much as our Product Managers, the true geeks of i3.

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