A Presentation to the King

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How a touch screen brings true value for editorial environments

Ideation – When developing story and content ideas, having a permanent place to jot down ideas can go a long way in the creative process.

Storyboarding – Draw up a storyboard during a brainstorming session, easily share your story ideas with the team and build further on the best ones.

Annotating – Annotating copy and layout makes it easy to find important information quickly when you look back during a reviewing session.

Presentation – Present a final concept before airtime quickly thanks to the mobile structure and high image quality.

Video conferencing – Instant access to video conferencing makes agile decision making within a large corporate environment easy.

A presentation to the King

VRT News

Image is property of VRT NWS

The Karrewiet department of the VRT NWS media channel seemed to have integrated the i3HUDDLE in their editorial workflow firmly. The collaborative hub was the right tool in place to use as a presentation medium when receiving a special visitor yesterday.

None other than King Filip of the Belgians paid a visit to the editorial team behind Karrewiet, a daily news program that is tailored to children and young people. The team offered the king a look behind the scenes, showing him how the redaction creates high quality educational content for children.

King Filip was very interested in the work they did and praised the team for their efforts to explain complex issues in a language that children can understand.

We would like to congratulate Karrewiet with their quality content, educational excellence and this acknowledgement.

Watch the broadcast (in Dutch):

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