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5 Reasons Why Collaboration Fails

It isn’t surprising that more corporations and organizations are understanding that collaboration can be an integral part of their overall development.

After all, technology allows workers to be more agile and remote than ever, and collaboration...


How to improve ROI of your collaboration technology?

In this era of digital transformation, companies try to digitize their existing processes & workflows.

Sometimes they invest in expensive technology that stays underused and does not bring the desired ROI to maximise collaboration within the...


Driving collaboration & growth with Logitech, i3-Technologies and Zoom

At i3-Technologies, we use our own technology on a daily basis to collaborate with colleagues around the world.


How to achieve true collaboration

A key challenge organisations face today is enabling digital transformation while supporting existing workflows. Whether working in Finance, HR, Supply Chain or Sales & Marketing: embracing the shift to more digital collaboration and sharing...

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