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Digital Signage

i3-Technologies partners with Zebrix for digital signage.

Diest, June 1, 2021 – i3-Technologies has chosen to partner with Zebrix, a state-of-the-art digital signage solution developed by the French company Manganelli. This partnership expands the capabilities of the i3TOUCH product range, i3-Technologies’...

Care About Your Air: monitor the indoor air quality of your workspace or classroom from anywhere and at any time

Indoor Air Quality

Prior to the global pandemic, people spent almost90% of their time indoors. With lockdowns around the world to slow the spread, people are spending more time indoors than ever before.  This raises concerns for the quality ofindoor

Get your IT infrastructure ‘Corona-proof’

5 useful IT tips to ensure an easy start of the new school year!!

The past few months have changed the world dramatically... and that's not an understatement! It has certainly affected education sector globally!

The Corona pandemic has also...

Welcome to the hybrid classroom!

How to easily combine lesson in class with distance learning!!

#exitstrategy #backtoschool

What do you do with the students who will stay at home and how do you engage with those students who are not yet allowed to come to school? There is a...

2 easy ways to get started with distance learning!!

How to make distance education more effective?

#coronavirus #lockdown

More and more countries are shutting schools, which can put educators in a difficult situation. What do youdo with your lessons? How can you reach out to your students to make...