Connecting Movement to Learning in the Classroom

Sitting is no longer the standard

Sitting still used to be the mantra of every classroom. But that is changing as studies reveal that introducing movement activities helps students stay more focused and attentive in class. Movement is a powerful...


Bring augmented reality to your classroom

Augmented reality is a hot topic in education today. Some might think it is just another trend that offers limited value in the classroom. However, quite the opposite is true. There are plenty of AR products in the market today that have high...

i3TOUCH E10Rev

New interface for i3TOUCH E10R

Today i3-Technologies is excited to announce an update of the interface of the new i3TOUCH E10r Series. We have given the interface a small update to make it easier and more intuitive for you to navigate to the core components, such as i3NOTES...

dekom Yves

Presenting i3HUDDLE 3.0 at Belgian Conferencing & Seaport Day

Last month we were a guest speaker at the Belgian Conferencing & Seaport Day in Antwerp Airport. The event was hosted by DEKOM, an organization that specializes in video conferencing and media technology. The event was a special opportunity for...


The importance of body language in meetings

Body language is a very important aspect of communication, especially in a meeting context. Whether you’re meeting with professionals face-to-face or remotely, body language can help you connect with them and build better relationships.

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