Behind the scenes: 10-year-olds testing new 3D content in i3LEARNHUB

Children are visual learners. They love all things visual and digital, and understand things more quickly when they can picture it in their minds. This has motivated us to team up with Lifeliqe, a platform that uses interactive 3D models to make...


How to improve ROI of your collaboration technology?

In this era of digital transformation, companies try to digitize their existing processes & workflows.

Sometimes they invest in expensive technology that stays underused and does not bring the desired ROI to maximise collaboration within the...


Three easy steps to get started with digital transformation

Work environments have undergone big changes in the past 3 to 4 years. The typical workspace is open, flexible and agile, and employees are more tech-driven and mobile.


Driving collaboration & growth with Logitech, i3-Technologies and Zoom

At i3-Technologies, we use our own technology on a daily basis to collaborate with colleagues around the world.


How technology helps empathy in the classroom

As classrooms are rapidly transforming into digital spaces, students have the opportunity to connect not only with classmates, but also with people and places outside the walls of their classroom or school. By connecting with other people and...

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